2016-2019 Fundraising Goals


The Barnwell Foundation hopes to raise $40,000 every school year.  This goal will be achieved through:


  • Business Sponsorship – 30% - The Foundation will seek sponsorships with businesses. 
  • Spring Fling – 30% - A Spring Fling with a silent auction will be held annually.
  • Fun Run, Raffles and Fund Raising - 30% - Fun events to raise funds and awareness of the Barnwell Foundation.
  • Ongoing Giving Campaign – 10% - Families and friends can donate directly to the Barnwell Foundation.  Employer matching campaign will further help raise money.

Funds Allocations


Principal Discretionary Fund – Ten percent of all raised funds will be gifted to our current Barnwell Principal to be used for staff, student and school miscellaneous expenses that are not currently funded by the school district or the PTA.


2016-2019 Special Project  STEM Sensory Garden, Amphitheater and Playground – Ninety percent of all raised funds will be utilized to pay for the Barnwell Elementary STEM Sensory Garden, Amphitheater and Playground.   This outdoor learning classroom will be built on the northwest side of Barnwell Elementary School, where the portables were removed.  The intent of this project is to build an outdoor classroom where teachers and students can gather and learn.   The outdoor sensory garden will allow students to learn in a dynamic beautiful setting through writing, art and lessons in measuring, prediction, nutrition and life sciences.  Currently, 34 schools in Fulton County School District maintain their own edible gardens which include raised beds, greenhouses, orchards and pots of herbs.  Lessons such as identifying edible plant parts, learning fractions by making salads, plant life cycles and experiential agriculture all support the standards based curriculum.  


Partnership Goals


The Foundation wants to partner with all interested parents and community members.  We want to work together as a community to achieve our fundraising goals.  Please consider participating in Foundation events by giving of your time, skills, services and/or financial support.  

This year's Spring Fling will be on April 20th, 2018, 7-10pm, at the same beautiful location at Country Club of the South.  Last year, the Barnwell Foundation's annual 'Spring Fling' with Online Silent Auction was a huge success.  We raised $16,000 for Barnwell Elementary School's STEM Sensory Garden.  Thank you to everyone who donated, sponsored, attended or volunteered for this event. The pictures from last year's 'Spring Fling' are posted.

click here: Tanner Photography 

Special thanks to this year's Spring Fling Business Benefactors: 

Classic Cadillac of Atlanta


Huge thanks to our Sponsors who provide the tastings, delicious food, and beautiful location:

Country Club of the South


United Distributors

Treasury Wine Estates

Empire Distributors

Samuel Adams